Hi Guys,

Hope you're all enjoying the new website - we've put a lot of work into it to make sure it looks good and works well. You may have noticed that we've just added a sale section to make it even easier to find the products we have discounted. We're planning on having a few products on sale every week so keep checking the website and social to keep up to date.

More plans for the future include not only improving our range of products but providing even more aftercare for all of our products.

New products we're looking into are UV lamps for curing nail polish and glues - we're keen to find a really high-quality one which will not only look good but be robust and up to the job of regular use. If you have any suggestions.. send them our way! For full transparency, we will also be selling on any that didn't make the cut at a really deep discount - so keep an eye out for those too!

If you'd like us to stock any product in particular, let us know!

As for the aftercare - we're re-doing any videos we have produced to be even more clear and including new tips and tricks we've picked up. We're also hoping to do weekly video overviews of our products to give you even more insight. There's only a few of us, so this may take a while to get off the ground but we hope you find them helpful when we do get them going!

That'll be it for our first blog, we'll try keep up with doing them and to give you an insight on whats to come to the website.

Thanks for reading and visiting http://www.tafsproducts.co.uk

Ben from Team TAFS

September 27, 2018 by Ben Brotherton
Tags: Store News

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