So you may have noticed a glaring gap in our range of products in that we've never stocked any gels or polishes. This is mainly due to our background in Chiropody and Podiatry, where it's something we've never considered as a necessary product to add. But we'll be changing that in the next month or so!

We don't want to show our hand just yet but we've managed to track down a quite highly regarded product to supply here in the UK. We know of a few nail techs who import this particular product - so we're hoping they'll go down a treat! We'll be launching with a range of winter colours which we hope you're going to love. These products do come at a bit of a premium but based on the feedback we've had, they're worth it. We also don't want to be stocking naff products, which you could buy at any high street store - so launching our gels with a really decent product seems like the way to go for us!

The one caveat to getting this great product is that it's quite exclusive - and based on rules set by the manufacturer we're only able to sell this if we verify that our customer is a qualified nail professional. We know there's no GCSE in nails, and there can be a number of qualifications that a tech can get. But we're hoping to make the process as easy as possible to allow returning customers to purchase the product with no extra steps!

To purchase these new products we will require user accounts to be used. On the first time you'd like to purchase we will require you to send us some form of professional identification or a certificate to prove you're a nail professional. We won't store any of this data - after we have checked the details over we'll ensure any data is destroyed permanently. It will be us checking over the details manually, we'll do our best to be as quick as possible but it could take a day or so. 

Provided we approve your account, we'll do a little tweak behind the scenes which will allow for the restricted products to be purchased like any other product in the store, meaning every time you log in you'll be able to purchase any restricted product with no hassle. 

The products will still show up for everyone on the website, meaning digital window shopping won't be affected - we're essentially just hiding the till from those who haven't applied. Hopefully that all makes sense. Putting the groundwork in now allows us to look into more potential products which shouldn't be available to the untrained consumer.

I hope you're liking the transparency of these blog posts - it's quite nice to be able to share the whole process! As the resident tech/code monkey, I'll be working hard over the next few weeks to make sure the process is as seamless as possible for you. 

As I mentioned in the last blog, if there are any products you think we should stock - please let us know! Also, any questions feel free to reach out in the comments below, or through our facebook messenger app. 

Thanks for reading


October 03, 2018 by Ben Brotherton
Tags: Store News

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