As UK distributor for this product, we need to ensure that the customer who is buying this has the necessary qualifications as well as adequate experience and/or training to use GellyFit. Below is a step by step guide outlining the correct application.
We strongly recommend using GellyFit base coat, bonder and top coat although they can be used in conjunction with good quality alternatives.
 Prepare Nail For GellyFit

Step 1 

The first step when applying GellyFit is to prepare your nails. We recommend buffing with a 180 file to remove the shine of the nail, and wiping down with Acetone or Isopropyl Alcohol. Cuticles should be pushed back and trimmed where applicable.

It's very much the same process as with other gel products.

 Step 2 

Apply your bonder. The bonder helps prevent peeling - ensuring your hard work lasts! We recommend applying the bonder to the tips, edges and up toward the nail bed. We'd steer clear from applying a coat to the whole nail as this is unnecessary and can cause issues should the gel need removing.

 Apply Bonder For GellyFit
 Apply Base Coat GellyFit

 Step 3 

Apply a thin base coat. Work from the middle of the nail down toward the tip, taking care to cap the open tip of the nail. Then from the cuticle area of the nail, apply product and work it down to the open edge of the nail.

 Step 4 

Cure your base coat for 60 seconds. 

A 36W minimum UV lamp should be used to ensure proper and complete curing of the product. 

 60 Second base coat cure
 Apply First Colour coat Gellyfit

 Step 5

Apply your first colour coat. In a similar method to applying the base coat earlier - ensure a thin and even layer is applied.

 Step 6 

Cure your first colour coat for 60 seconds. 

Again a 36W minimum UV lamp should be used to ensure proper and complete curing of the product. 

 Cure for 60 seconds GellyFit
 Apply second colour coat GellyFit

 Step 7

Apply your second colour coat following the same application procedure as before!

 Step 8 

Cure your second colour coat for 60 seconds!

You know the drill!

 60 Second Cure GellyFit
 Apply mirror top coat GellyFit

Step 9

Apply your top coat. Using the same application procedure as before to ensure a smooth and beautiful finish!

Step 10

Cure your top coat for 60 seconds. You should find your nail beautifully shiny and vibrant. In the case of the Non-wipe style of top coat, you're done!

If your top coat recommends wiping after curing - wipe away the tacky layer using Isopropyl Alcohol, or a gel cleanser product.

 60 Second Cure GellyFit


 The above is a guide of what have been advised based on professional advice to be the best method for applying GellyFit gel products. Ultimately the end result is reliant on your experience and expertise to ensure a perfect finish everytime.