Verified accounts are our way of enabling the purchase of restricted items to those equipped and educated to use them.

These restrictions can be in place for a number of reasons such as by request of the manufacturer, governmental rules/regulations on certain products, or even age requirements.

At current only a few products are restricted - this is at the request of the supplier and without this process, we would be unable to stock the items. As products roll out you may find out why each item is restricted on the product page. 

You may have been pre-verified if you've purchased from us before and listed a company name, or applicable business address.

To find out if your account has been pre-verified - log in and visit

If you see a green checkmark above your name - you're good to go.

I'm not verified! How do I get a verified account?

I'm glad you've asked!

Simply email with some evidence that you are a professional in your field. Ideally, we'd like to see a copy of any type of certificate of graduating a training academy - or certification from a registered company that you work for. We know it sounds a little bit much just to buy a few items but without it, we'd be unable to offer some of our great products. If you don't have any formal qualification but feel well equipped to use these products please get in touch and we can have a look on a person by person basis!

 What difference does it make?

Customers who visit the product page for an item which requires verification will be unable to add the item to their cart - and therefore unable to purchase! This does mean that a user account is required to purchase any restricted product.

 Do I have to do this every time?

Nope! Provided that you use the same account every time you purchase - you'll always have that verification status - so shopping for your favourite items will be as easy as ever.