Concealer Series - Kokoist Colour Collection

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By Kokoist

Pot Size: 2.5g

Kokoist is a premiere line of Japanese soak-off gel created and formulated by the world renowned JNA certified professional nail artist Koko Kashiwagi. Kokoist gel provides colours that go on evenly, are smooth, and do not feather or bleed during application.

Kokoist gel:

  • Cures in 20 seconds in LED UV lamps or 60 seconds in CFL UV lamps
  • Easily removed with acetone
  • Healthy and flexible for the natural nail
  • It can be used for full colour or detailed art

This product contains all 5 colours featured in the Concealer Collection, at a discount!

Concealer Series - Includes 6 Colours

  • E-249 Hazelnuts Concealer
  • E-250 Almond Concealer
  • E-251 Peach Concealer
  • E-252 Warm Concealer
  • E-253 Ivory Concealer
  • E-254 Milk Chocolate Concealer

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      Product Information

      Kokoist is a premium Gel Product for use by trained nail professionals only. This product is not intended for home use.


      This product contains HEMA-2

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