Saeyang Mini-Cro Portable E-file - Mint


Brand Saeyang

Saeyang Mini-Cro Battery Powered E-File or Nail Drill.

This is the 'Mini Cro' portable micromotor drill / e-file. 

The new slimmer design and re-positioning of the speed dial mean Saeyang have listened to feedback from the older K38. The dial has been placed on top so that it doesn't get knocked as much and has also been made smaller, the dimensions are slimmer than the K38 being 65x147x25mm and the unit itself feels a lot more solid to hold. This unit comes with the SH300 handpiece in a brand new sleek design whilst still keeping the same smooth running and tight locking system. The LED light will flash when the battery is at 30% or lower.


- Speed: 30,000 rpm

- Torque: 2.7 Ncm

- Charging Time: 3 hours

- Running Time: Up to 10 hours

- 4 Different Lights; White ~ 6,000rpm. Sky Blue ~ 15,000rpm. Blue ~ 20,000rpm. Pink ~ 30,000rpm.

- Overload Protection Built In

- Forward / Reverse Function

- Pause Function

FREE Premium Bit Kit (direct website orders only, while stocks last and may arrive separately)


Please note the standard handpiece is not suitable for cleaning using water based cleaners or wipes, including brands such as Clinell. If regular cleaning is neccessary, we suggest choosing the Autoclavable handpiece. All handpieces can be disinfected using pure alcohol.


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