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Kokoist Beetle Lamp


Brand Kokoist

We place weekly orders to restock Kokoist. We restock based on the most popular products and current pre-orders. If something is out of stock, please place a pre-order to ensure it is added to our next shipment. Orders will be shipped when all pre-ordered items have arrived in stock.

Cordless and easy to carry on! Minimalist design
Cures LED & UV Gels without switching mode.


Included in the box:

UV Light, Product Manual, USB Cord

Product Specifications:

  • 6 LEDs
  • Dimensions: W120 x H20 x D58
  • Watt Usage: 9 Watt
  • Light weave Length: 365~405mm
  • Lasts 2hrs when fully charged
  • Maximum usage time: 2hrs (Cordless) 

To turn on/off the lamp please pinch the top and the bottom of the lamp for 2-3 seconds.
When turned on, the lamp automatically goes into standby.

When not in use we recommend you completely turn it off by pinching the top and bottom for 2-3 seconds.


  • This product is not waterproof
  • Do not look at LED/UV light directly
  • Please keep out of reach of children

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