Paola Ponce Kokoist Certification Essential Products Bundle

By Kokoist

Paola Ponce Kokoist Certification Essential Products Bundle - Blue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Please contact us for an ETA.

Please Note- This bundle does not include the training course, this is just a collection of the items recommended. The course would need to be signed up to separately through Paola Ponce when the course is available.

The Kokoist Certification is a training course hosted independently by Paola Ponce, a Kokoist Certified Educator. The certification takes you through:

· Kokoist history and beginnings

· A thorough product debrief

(so you know the exact details of your products for best use)

· Step-by-step of gel manicure and structured overlay

· Modern nail art techniques, and…

· Advanced gel nail application like extensions (free-form and Gelip!).


The essential collection for this certification includes:

Round Brush
Angular Brush
Flat Brush
Long Liner Brush
Gelip Bond
Mega Stick Bottle
Platinum Bond Duo 4g
Excel Builder 4g
Ultra Glossy Non Wipe Top Coat
E-3 Rouge Red
E-56 Bluey White
E-91 White Gradation
E-173 Peanut Butter Toffee
E-196S Tulip Petals
E-36 Deep Papaya
Mica Flakes (Blue or Green depending on choice)
Art Clear Zero 4g
Gelip Box - Oval Short
 Stone Pusher
Nail Forms (15 pcs)
Moon Brown File
Moon Green File
Emery Board
Sponge Buffer

Be sure to also check the recommended products list in the blog post found here in case there is anything else you may want for the course!


Due to the amount of individual items required for this bundle it is on pre-order so we can guarantee the stock. It will be shipped, at maximum, within 2 weeks.