Kokoist Salon Starter Kit

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By Kokoist

Kokoist Salon Starter Kit is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Please contact us for an ETA.

Kokoist is a premiere line of Japanese soak-off gel created and formulated by the world renowned JNA certified professional nail artist Koko Kashiwagi. Kokoist gel provides colours that go on evenly, are smooth, and do not feather or bleed during application.

Don't know where to begin on your KOKOIST journey? Let us take the guess work out of it. Look no further than the KOKOIST Salon Starter Kit, perfect for your introduction to KOKOIST. This kit includes some of the very best top sellers and all the staples you'll need to start your salon - and best of all, it's at a great discount!

The Salon Starter Kit includes: 

Base Gels:

  • Platinum Filler Base 15ml (1)
  • Mega Stick Base 15ml (1)
  • Gelip Bond Base 15ml (1)
  • Platinum Filler Base 4g Pot (1)
  • Mega Stick Base 4g Pot (1)
  • Brush Cleaning Gel (1)

Top Coats:

  • Ultra Glossy Non Wipe Top Coat 15ml (2)
  • Ultra Diamond Non Wipe Top Coat 15ml (1)
  • Velvet Matte Non Wipe Top Coat 15ml (1)
  • Stain Barrier Non Wipe Top Coat 12ml (1)

Colors & Art:

  • 50 Top Seller Colour Gels (See Picture)
  • Markers Line Set (7 Colours)
  • Fixee Gel Natural (1)
  • Fixee Gel Clear (1)
  • Down Under Planet Magnet (5 colours)
  • Dragon's Eye Premium Magnet (5 colours)
  • Liquid Mirror (Gold, Peacock, Blue, Copper, Orange)
  • Non Wipe Accessory Bond 4g (1)


  • Round Brush (1)
  • Thin Liner (1)
  • Long Liner (1)
  • Flat Brush (1)
  • Angular Brush (1)


  • 300pc Almond Short Gelip Set (New Case)
  • 300pc Coffin Long Gelip Set (New Case)


  • Emery Board (Pack of 10)
  • Sponge Buffer (Pack of 10)
  • Diamond File Wood (Pack of 10)
  • Diamond Brown (Pack of 10)
  • Moon Brown (Pack of 10)
  • Moon Green (Pack of 10)


  • Cordless Mini Light Milk Cake (1)
  • Compact Holder (1)
  • Le Blanc Hybrid LED/UV Cordless Light (1)


  • Liquid Dispenser Black (1)
  • Liquid Dispenser White (1)
  • Black Gel Box (1)
  • 5pc Silicone Black Brush Caps (1)
  • Metal Palette (1)
  • Black Camellia Brush (1)
  • White Camellia Brush (1)
  • Easy Wipes (1)
  • 5D Gel Magnet (1)
  • Clear Brush Case (1)

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Product Information

Kokoist is a premium Gel Product for use by trained nail professionals only. This product is not intended for home use.


This product contains HEMA-2

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