Saeyang E-Fitting Autoclavable Handpiece

By Saeyang

A practical, autoclavable handpiece for use in a large number of applications. Popular with foot-health practitioners and chiropodists where cleanliness is paramount - the motor offers great power and reliability. The ES6 e-fitting end can be removed and sterilised through use of an autoclave. 

The M300-ES6 Handpiece is fitted with a DC barrel plug and is compatible with:

  • Saeyang K38
  • Saeyang Mini-Cro
  • Saeyang Combi Portable

The M33-ES6 Handpiece is fitted with a round DIN plug and is compatible with

  • Saeyang K35
  • Saeyang K35 Cube
  • Saeyang M3
  • Saeyang N7