Volume 2 - Nail Thoughts Colour Collection

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By Kokoist

Volume 2 - Nail Thoughts Colour Collection is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock. Please contact us for an ETA.

 Nail Thoughts 18 Colour Gel Collection Volume 2

The Nail Thoughts collection includes some of the most popular client colours that have been handpicked and customized by Katie Masters. These 18 additional colour gels are designed to help expand your collection of client favourite colours.

18 x 10g / 0.34 fl oz Bottles

Includes the colors: 

  • NT-19 Rose Red
  • NT-20 Butterfly Clips
  • NT-21 Bubblegum
  • NT-22 Supernova
  • NT-23 Vitamin C
  • NT-24 Smiley
  • NT-25 Lemon Drops
  • NT-26 Spearmint
  • NT-27 Soft Sage
  • NT-28 Blue Raspberry
  • NT-29 No, yeah
  • NT-30 Mood Ring
  • NT-31 Space Cadet
  • NT-32 Extraterrestrial
  • NT-33 Movie Night
  • NT-34 Hot Cocoa
  • NT-35 Dark Wash Denim
  • NT-36 Intergalactic

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      Kokoist is a premium Gel Product for use by trained nail professionals only. This product is not intended for home use.


      This product contains HEMA-2

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