Zephyros Dust Collectors - REFURBISHED


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This listing is for a fully REFURBISHED Zephyros Dust Collector.

Our refurbished units may show some signs of cosmetic damage but are fully cleaned (sterilised if needed) and tested before despatch to ensure they are in perfect working condition. They come in the original packaging with all included items such as manuals and filters only where possible.

We have provided photos for each refurbished unit we have available, please do carefully inspect those before making a purchase. If you require higher resolution images please email help@tafsproducts.co.uk and quote the item reference number (for example Zephyros Insert A/001). Please select variant from the drop down list to view images of respective device.

We understand that images aren't always a perfect representation of the item so once the unit arrives with you please perform a full inspection of the unit and we can accept a return if the cosmetic appearance isn't what you were expecting. If the device is used at all we can't accept returns based on physical condition. You have 3 months warranty with these units should a fault occur. 

Unit Details

  • 50 watts of power
  • Maximum 51db volume
  • 1.4+ m/s of downdraft (over COSHH SR13 guidelines recommendation)
  • 900g in weight (Rechargeable may weigh more)
  • 29 x 19 x 10 cm (24 x 19 x 10 cm for desk insert)

Zephyros Tabletop Unit: The collector uses a powerful fan to create a low air pressure above the large air vents. By placing a microfibre filter paper on top of this air vent the dust is drawn to the filter and can be easily disposed of afterwards.

Zephyros Desk Insert Unit: Combines the superb dust collection of the tabletop Zephyros with the ability to fit it in your table. This will require fitting yourself.

Zephyros Rechargeable Unit: A portable dust collector from Zephyros, powered by a Samsung battery! 90 minutes to full charge. Lasts over 3 hours at full speed, longer on lower speeds.

For more information please see the standard listing HERE.

*PLEASE NOTE* - Discount codes cannot be used with refurbished items. If a code is used, the stock is held until payment in full is received.