Saeyang K38 Portable E-File

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By Saeyang

Saeyang K38 Battery Powered E-File or Nail Drill with SH300 handpiece.

This is our best selling re-chargeable nail drill. It's wonderful sleek and handy digital display combine style and practicality for the travelling foot technician or mobile nail tech!

Upgrade to the low maintenance, fully stainless steel Autoclavable Handpiece for just £50. This handpiece can be separated into two halves and the front end can be cleaned using a steam Autoclave. It's also much better suited to wiping down using sterilisation wipes and cleaners. Please note the standard handpiece is not suitable for cleaning using water based cleaners or wipes, including brands such as Clinell. If regular cleaning is necessary, we suggest choosing the Autoclavable handpiece. All handpieces can be disinfected using pure alcohol. Please note that the autoclavable handpiece replaces the standard handpiece.

Colour: White

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Technical Information

- Charges fully in 3 hours and can last all day (depending on RPM)
- Up to 30,000 RPM
- 2.9 Ncm of Torque - good power at low RPM
- Stainless steel handpiece with an easy twist to open and lock chuck
- 1.5m cord length
- Comes with handpiece stand and mains charger

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