Japanese Gel


This high-quality, professional-grade gel is long-lasting for up to 4+ weeks, and highly pigmented to satisfy the needs of all clients.

Semi-hard gels will allow you to have the best of both worlds from the soft gel and hard gel.

Saeyang K38

Powerful and Portable

High quality, rechargable E-File - Paired with the robust and vibration free SH300 handpiece.

Bits & Burs

Find the perfect tool for the job, compatible with all major E-Files and drills.

Saeyang K35

A sleek and compact mains powered E-File. Provides reliable speed and torque for ultimate control.

Compact & Quick Sterilisation

Enbio S Autoclave

This state of the art autoclave can sterilise your instruments in just 8 minutes.

It's touch screen interface makes it super easy to use - only two buttons to start a sterilisation cycle.

It's compact, quiet.. and quick!